Material Devices

Amethyst has been awarded over 20 research and development contracts through a variety of federal and state agencies.  Our leading research and development contracts are defect passivation oriented as applied to a variety of II-VI, III-V, IV-VI, and nano-particle structures and devices.  Projects with academic institutions have included lifetime measurement studies of strained-layer-superlattice structures, uncooled thermo-electric infrared sensor design and development, and other novel structures for electro-optical sensors, gamma-ray detection, and solar cells.  Amethyst Wafer Mapping (AWM) was identified serendipitously while performing defect passivation research and has subsequently been refined as a commercialized technology through federal research and development contracts.   

Each Amethyst project builds on the successes of those prior, provides valuable information toward Amethyst’s commercialization effort, and serves as the foundation for our triad of market technologies.