Yield Improvement

Amethyst has three offerings that pose a disruptive threat in the semiconductor marketplace.  First is our proprietary Amethyst Defect Mitigation (ADM™) technology which serves as a yield improvement technique that can be inserted during the epitaxial growth process, as a treatment post-growth, or on a hybridized device.  One recent customer who had a device structure treated reported a 3 order of magnitude gain in performance after having ADM™ applied.  

Second are Amethyst’s epitaxially grown wafers, which benefit from our ADM™ technology prior to delivery.   Virtually all semiconductor compounds used in epitaxial growth have inherent lattice mismatch defects that decrease operability.  ADM™ passivates these defects, rendering a higher quality wafer and more usable area for device fabrication.  

Amethyst Wafer Mapping (AWM™)  is a proprietary technology that, when used in the manufacturing process development phase of a new or existing product, can readily identify defect areas.  AWM™ allows the producer to better understand a defect’s point-of-origin and help identify a path for remedy before additional expense is incurred further down the processing line.