Contracts and Awards

In addition to our products and internal R&D efforts Amethyst Research currently has the following contracts with Federal Agencies.


Current September 2016

DoD SBIR Phase  II "Innovative Near Infrared/Shortwave Infrared (NIR/SWIR) Sensor Development"

DOE SBIR Phase II "Development of Novel IR Detector for Improved CO2 Subsurface Sequestration and Monitoring"

NOAA SBIR Phase  II "Ultra High Sensitivity SWIR Methane Imaging Camera"

DARPA SBIR Phase II "Ghz, Octavespanning Photodetectors for MWIR/LWIR"

DOE SBIR Phase I "Inexpensive High Sensitivity CO2 Isotopologue Sensor"

DOE SBIR Phase I "Gas Imaging and Monitoring Camera

USAF SBIR Phase II "Hydrogenation of SLS for Defect Mitigation of III-V-based Infrared Detectors"

USAF SBIR Phase  II "Resonant Cavity Enhanced Photo-Diodes for LWIR Communications"

NASA SBIR Phase I "Compact, Robust, Low Power High Sensitivity Gas Sensor"

ARMY SBIR Phase I "Extended SWIR Unipolar Barrier Detectors Lattice Matched to GaSb Substrates"

ARMY STTR Phase I "Metamorphic Buffer Layer Growth for Bulk InAs(x)Sb(1-x) LWIR Detectors"

USAF STTR Phase I "Improved MWIR LED Arrays on GaAs and Si Substrates for Scene Projectors"