Amplified ABaT™ Unipolar Barrier Dectector 3.3-3.5 μm Cutoff Wavelength

Download ABaT™ 3.5 micron amplified detector datasheet

Amethyst Barrier Technology, ABaTTM, is Amethyst Research’s new and disruptive infrared (IR) detector technology which offers low noise and high responsivity with excellent linearity over a broad spectral range in the mid-wave IR region. The advanced unipolar barrier architecture reduces dark current, thereby improving signal-to-noise ratio. The use of III-V compound semiconductor materials leverages mature and stable fabrication processes for superior manufacturability.

Detectors are available in TO-39 and TO-8 packages with a range of active areas. The operating temperature is optionally controllable by thermoelectric cooling.


For large scale orders, we can also provide custome designed dectectors. Please contact us for further information.



Detector Element InAs
Detectivity D* (peak)
1.2 x 1010 @ 23°C  
1.2 x 1011 @ -40°C

Time Constant

< 1
Amplifier Gain (V/A) 25,000
Bandwidth (MHz) 1  
Active area
(mm x mm)
¼ x ¼, ½ x ½, 1 x 1