ABaT™ Unipolar Barrier Detector 3.3 – 3.5 μm Cutoff Wavelength

Download ABaT™ 3.5 micron detector datasheet

Amethyst Barrier Technology, ABaT™, is Amethyst Research’s new and disruptive infrared (IR) detector technology which offers low noise and high responsivity with excellent linearity over a broad spectral range in the mid-wave IR region. The advanced unipolar barrier architecture reduces dark current, thereby improving signal-to-noise ratio. The use of III-V compound semiconductor materials leverages mature and stable fabrication processes for superior manufacturability.

Detectors are available in TO-39 and TO-8 packages with active areas from ¼ to 1 mm 2. The operating temperature is optionally controllable by thermoelectric cooling.


For large scale orders, we can also provide custome designed dectectors. Please contact us for further information.



Detector Element InAs
Detectivity D* (peak)
1.2 x 1010 @ 23°C  
1.2 x 1011 @ -40°C

Time Constant

< 1
Dark current density
14.7 x 10-3 @ 23°C
69.7 x 10-6 @ -40°C
Package types
(with sapphire window)
3-Stage TEC
Operating voltage
0 to -300  
Active area
(mm x mm)
¼ x ¼, ½ x ½, 1 x 1