Amethyst Barrier Technology (ABaT™)

Amethyst Research’s new ABaT™ unipolar barrier detector offers low noise and high responsivity with excellent linearity over a broad spectral range in the mid-wave IR. The advanced unipolar barrier architecture reduces dark current while the use of III-V materials leverages mature and stable fab processes for superior manufacturability. The result is a low cost, high performance single element detector, suitable for Gas & Chemical sensors and other applications.

Detectors are available in T0-39 and T0-8 packages with active areas from ¼ to 1 mm2. The operating temperature is optionally controllable by thermoelectric cooling. Amethyst Research proudly manufactures ABaT™ detectors in the USA.

ABaT™ 3.5 micron detector datasheet
ABaT™ 4.7 micron detector datasheet

ABaT™ 3.5 micron amplified detector datasheet
ABaT™ 4.7 micron amplified detector datasheet