February 2010
Amethyst Research, Inc. (ARI), receives a $1.5M Economic Development Generating Excellence (EDGE) Award. Administered under the auspices of the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST), the EDGE Fund annually awards projects that invest in expanding the number of researchers within Oklahoma, increase the number and growth of technology companies in the state, leverage research dollars into Oklahoma research institutions and improve the health status and quality of life for Oklahoma. Amethyst’s EDGE project focuses on the advanced development of Micromechanical Infrared Nanowire Thermo-Electric (MINTE™) imaging sensors, and the eventual volume production of MINTE sensor systems in Oklahoma.

April 2010
Amethyst begins moving into its second (and larger) facility adjacent to its existing facility. The second building has 3600sf of lab space and 2400sf of office space. This facility will serve as Amethyst's headquarters and be home to its sensor growth competency. Infrastructure improvements are underway to make this a state-of-the-art laboratory for cutting-edge materials growth.

August 2010
Amethyst hosts representatives from all five Congressional Districts and both Senate offices. What was initially thought to be a visit from Oklahoma State Senator James Inhofe and staff turned into a morning hosting over 30 visitors from Capitol Hill, Government Prime Contractors, i2E, and the Ardmore Development Authority. Amethyst's technologies generated acute interest among all visitors, which was piqued by a short video presentation followed by a tour of the two facilities. Amethyst's scientific corps was on-hand to field a variety of questions from the visiting entourage.