2013-STEP Grant

In 2013 Amethyst Research Inc. received funding through the Small Business Administration's State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) grant. The STEP funds Amethyst received from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce allowed our company to establish an office in Glasgow, U.K. This office in Glasgow serves as a base for our European exports.  Because of this new office, we have already received a contract from the U.K. Ministry of Defense for providing solutions for chemical sensors.  It is proving to be a significant asset to us and has allowed us to now look at European products and sales --- all of which we plan to manufacture in Ardmore, OK.

Phase 1 SBIR-$150k-AF

This program targets development of a high-performance thermoelectric (TE) cooler with a figure-of-merit, ZT > 3, which greatly exceeds currently available technology. The cooler is fabricated using Group II-VI compound semiconductors, i.e. HgCdSe or HgCdTe, using a low dimensional structure known as a superlattice (SL). The proposed TE coolers will operate at temperatures ranging from 50K to 300K, thereby providing a fundamentally new and disruptive method for achieving cryogenic cooling. In fact, currently no solid-state refrigerator can provide sufficient cooling for high-performance infrared (IR) detectors or that can cool from room temperature down to the transition temperature of superconductors or similar systems. In addition, applications involving the thermal management of high performance II-VI based infrared (IR) sensors and focal-plane arrays (FPAs) are well suited to this technology since the cooler is fabricated using similar materials. 

Phase 1-STTR-$125k-NASA

This STTR Phase I proposal addresses a NASA need for improved near-to-mid IR detectors for imaging and spectroscopy. High performance IR detectors with cutoff wavelengths in the range of 2.5 to 5.0 microns will be developed using InGaAs / AlAsSb semiconductor materials.