Senior Technical Staff

Senior Technical Staff

Dr. Keith Jamison, Scientist, has been successful in transitioning technology developed under the SBIR program into commercial products.  In past work Dr. Jamison, as president of Faradox Energy Storage leveraged an OSD SBIR funded research program on high energy density film capacitors to raise an additional $1,000,000 from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund.  Faradox developed high temperature film capacitors for the oil, gas and aerospace industries.  In 2012 Faradox licensed its technology to a mid sized capacitor company.  Dr. Jamison was CTO at extreme devices where he, along with the CEO, raised over $34 million in venture capital financing to develop field emission cathodes for CRTs.  Dr. Jamison was also Chief Scientist and Head of Cathode Development for SI Diamond Technology (SIDT) where he worked on development of a carbon based field emission cathode for flat panel displays.  During this period SIDT grew from a SBIR research house to a publicly traded company with a market capitalization of over $100 million at its peak.  

Dr. Jamison received a Ph.D. (1984) and M.A. (1982) degree in Physics from Rice University and has authored over thirty scientific publications in refereed journals.  He has fifteen issued patents with two others pending.  He received an Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellowship, and has held various research positions at the University of Houston, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Munich.  

Dr. Colin Wood received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Nottingham University with four decades experience in materials chemistry. He has employed his knowledge within various positions within academia, commercial enterprise, and the federal government.  He has 154 publications to his credit.   

Dr. Ronald Hellmer’s research has helped to delineate the vital role and kinetics of grain boundary diffusion in the hydrogenation of polycrystalline silicon and he has helped develop technologies for hydrogenating very fragile materials such as HgCdTe without exposing the delicate surfaces to the harsh effects of standard hydrogenation methods.  Dr. Hellmer holds a B.A. in chemistry,  an M.A. and Ph.D.. in Mathematics, all from the University of New Mexico.  

Dr. Khalid Hossain, Research Scientist and materials engineer, received a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of North Texas.  He is an expert in the synthesis and characterization of semiconductor materials, and metal-silicide nanoclusters. Dr. Hossain developed a novel technique for synthesizing GeSi and Ge-thin film-on-insulator (GeOI). He offers vast experience in the design, execution, and analysis of experimental scientific and engineering research.  

Dr. Weerasinghe Priyantha has over a decade experience in nano-electronic materials synthesis and characterization, including MBE, Ion Beam, X-ray Reflectometry, X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry, Nuclear Reaction Analysis, MeV Ion Channeling, and Particle Induced X-ray Emission.  Dr. Priyantha holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Missouri and a B.S. in Physics from the University of Colombo.