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10 Oct, 2023

Barrier Technology

Amethyst Barrier Technology (ABaT™)

As an infrared solutions house, we take on challenging development programs that entail fundamental advances in sensor and emitter design, meta-material optics, molecular beam epitaxy, and device fabrication strategies. In the course of this work, we produce both peer-reviewed publications and technical reports for sponsors. Our collaborators are often co-authors on these reports; this includes several well-recognized researchers—Profs. G. Wicks of the University of Rochester, G. Balakrishnan at the University of New Mexico, M. Santos and J. Tischler of the University of Oklahoma, & A. Marshall and A. Craig of Lancaster University, among others.

Our extensive background in materials modification and characterization (especially for semiconductors) and the expertise of Amethyst staff in a range of commercial materials and device areas are also highlighted in publications. These areas include HgCdTe, III-V photovoltaics, supercapacitors, oxides for electronics, flexible crystals, and thermoelectric materials/devices.