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US & UK Government Agencies

We help advance your agency’s mission through the rapid development of cost-effective infrared solutions that meet the nation’s high priority research needs.

From Security to Energy, Environment and Telecom, Amethyst Research delivers on dual-use innovative technologies that are vital to the US and the UK’s competitiveness. In cooperation with others, our expert teams propose infrared technology solutions, and develop and test prototypes, while building up the innovation supply chain that will help transform these innovative technologies into valuable products. Take advantage of our 20 years’ experience in responding successfully to calls for transformative infrared detectors and emitters.

Private Sector

With our agile materials growth and
device prototyping platform,
we develop the customized infrared solutions that
help you meet your customer’s needs.

Research Institutions

Join other scientists from leading National Labs & Universities
who have benefited from collaborating with us for the evaluation of the potential of their infrared tech ideas. Enhance your visibility with a non-dilutive STTR-funded project..

Our Partners and Customers

Working with Amethyst Research

As a small R&D business, Amethyst Research provides the vital link between research institutions and system integrators/prime contractors.
When it comes to evaluating a new infrared technology idea for a commercial application, we help answer the tough questions
about technical requirements, manufacturability, domestic supply chain and cost-effectiveness.
Let us know how we can help.

Save Time

Streamlined decisions
& communications

Reduce Risk

Through government-funded partnerships SBIR/STTR, DASA,…

Save Money

Small business overheads
R&D scale

State-of-the-art facilities

& advanced tools

Extended capabilities

Through our strategic partnerships

Infrared expertise

Acquired over 20 years